Welcome to my homestead!

This property is a dream come true. 20 beautiful acres of land including beautiful amazing forested land.

This is Me

Hello! My name is Rachel and I am a stay at home, homesteading enthusiast. I am the proud mother of 2 boys who make my life exciting and busy. I am also married to a wonderful, hard-working man who brings joy to my life every day. We recently moved here from Texas and brought our 10 chickens and 3 ducks with us on the journey. We own 13 acres of land where I am a chicken, duck, and guinea owner. In the spring, I look forward to growing crops using companion planting. For now, we are living in an RV, taking care of the fowl, and making our living space our own.

Planting Chicks

286 Weeks Rd Hazel Green, AL 35750

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